Modified configuration.

Live pictures (x7) from a wet morning at Knutstorp.

Pictures of the KTM-Project, including comments.

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I will try to get the time to include the full story and some data.

There are many details, and if can inspire some of you to try a project like this, I would be very pleased. It's not cheap, but its great fun!!!

Modified configuration.

CAD-picture. Right view.

Modified configuration.

CAD-picture. Left view.

This is how the project looked, and still looks, after the initial test-runs.

It's a long story, but as can be seen, the complete WP suspension has been replaced with components from Íhlins.

The original WP components, especially the front, caused so many problems that I switched to Íhlins. I will NEVER EVER use anything  from WP again after this experience.

The result was a noticably improved feedback from the chassis, so I can only recommend the components from Íhlins. They are worth the extra costs.

Yet another picture from the first test.

Still great fun.

Another picture from the first test.

Still great fun.

Riding picture from the first ride with the modified configuration.

The first preliminary assembly of the frame, rearswingarm, subframe, footrests, rear suspension unit, engine, coolers and tank.

Everything matched. No goofeys.

Original CAD-picture. Left view.

This shows the original WP-suspension, 748-exhaust can, and a preliminary draft for the seat and the fairing.

At this stage it was still the intention to get a road legal registration for the project.

The first test at ring Knutstorp in Sweden.

The seat is preliminary, the fairing is missing and the exhaust is changed from the original idea.

At this stage all intentions of a road legal registration was dismissed, so there was more freedom regarding the design of the exhaust.

This first test was made together with 20 other riders on a trackday, so I was a little tense before going out for the first time, but everything worked as expected.

There were adjustments to be made and there were initial problems with the front from WP, but it was great fun.


Original CAD-picture. Right view.

Riding picture from the second ride with the modified configuration.

This time with slicks on a hot day.

I have never enjoyed a motorcycle ride this much.

Riding picture from the so far last ride.

I will try to get the seat and the fairing ready for next year, and now the exhaust is affected by vibration, so I have to modify the mount of the can.

Vibrations was one of the main concerns during the design, so I am pleased that the exhaust can is the only component affected by this.